Prince Andrew Reportedly Getting the Boot From Buckingham Palace

Prince Andrew Reportedly Getting the Boot From Buckingham Palace

( – Prince Andrew has lost all credibility in the United Kingdom because of his association with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Before Queen Elizabeth II died, she stripped her son of all his titles. The decision came after Andrew settled a lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s alleged victims. The woman sued the Duke of York, alleging he raped her when she was underage.

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away, King Charles III started making big changes at Buckingham Palace. Some of those changes concerned his disgraced brother.

He’s Outta There

According to a report in The Sun, King Charles III allegedly kicked his brother out of Buckingham Palace. The king’s younger brother has lived at the London palace for decades.

The palace is currently undergoing a massive renovation expected to take up to 10 years. The work includes fixing Andrew’s suite of rooms, known as the Chamber Floor. The king reportedly told his brother that he had to find a new place to live, and he won’t be welcome back when the work is complete.

Being told he’s no longer allowed to live at Buckingham Palace is one more in a long line of humiliations for the Duke of York.

Offices Moved

In 2019, a week after Andrew sat down with BBC to discuss his relationship with Epstein, Queen Elizabeth ordered the prince’s charity offices out of the palace. The charitable organization connects entrepreneurs with companies.

At the time, CBS News reported the palace issued a statement saying Andrew would continue with his charitable work, but he was doing it from elsewhere.

Three years later, reports surfaced in December 2022 indicating King Charles III kicked his brother’s regular office out of Buckingham Palace. Just a month later, he’s losing his home, too.

A New Era

When King Charles III took over, there were rumors that he intended to make big changes in the royal family. The new monarch reportedly wants to ensure the royal family will be stable going into the future. Getting rid of the stain of Andrew seems to be a part of that plan. The younger prince brought a lot of unwanted attention to the royals in Queen Elizabeth’s last couple of years.

Though Andrew hasn’t been in the limelight, it’s unlikely the king wants to be saddled with him. According to The Sun, his new residence could be St. James’ Place in London or elsewhere.

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