Prison BREAK – Infamous BOMBER Escapes!

Infamous Bomber Somehow Escapes Prison

Infamous Bomber Somehow Escapes Prison

( – An illegal immigrant and an accomplice murdered a man in 2007 using a pipe bomb, a magnetic trigger, and a coffee cup. Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, an undocumented immigrant from Nicaragua, helped his Guatemalan friend kill a man in Las Vegas for dating an ex-girlfriend. Their convictions and subsequent life sentences took two dangerous criminals off the street … until last weekend.

On September 23, Duarte-Herrera became “unaccounted for” from the Southern Desert Correctional Center, a medium security Nevada penitentiary near Las Vegas. Unfortunately for corrections officials, the period between the convict slipping away and somebody making an official report was more than three days.

Upon hearing the news, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (D) informed the public and condemned the prison’s negligence as “unacceptable.” The jail initiated official escape procedures after the morning head count on September 27. Officials considered the escaped inmate armed and dangerous.

Duarte-Herrera’s crimes were brutal. He ended a man’s life by placing a coffee cup with a pipe bomb inside on the roof of his car. When the victim removed the cup, a magnetic trigger detonated the bomb, killing him and sending shrapnel flying across a parking garage. His accomplice’s ex-girlfriend, the motive for the revenge slaying, was also at the scene but managed to escape unharmed.

On Wednesday, September 28, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received a report of a man matching Duarte-Herrera’s description in downtown Vegas.

The escapee was then captured and returned to custody.

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