Pro-Life Group Launches Campaign Spotlighting Biden’s Extremism

( – In 2019, a South Carolina Catholic Priest denied holy communion to then-candidate Joe Biden. The Democrat, a devout Catholic, was denied for his pro-choice abortion stance. As he runs for reelection, a pro-life group is going after him for his extreme views on the issue.

On August 29, the group Students for Life Action (SFLAction) released an ad attacking the president for his support of late-term abortions. The ad starts out by hitting the POTUS on the “record inflation” Americans are dealing with every day. It then asks viewers why Biden wants to make taxpayers pay for late-term abortions on babies who feel pain. The group also wants to know why the president is forcing taxpayers to shell out cash to pay for military members and their families to travel to terminate pregnancies.

To demonstrate how extreme Democrats have become, Students for Life included a clip of former President Bill Clinton saying abortions should be “safe and legal but rare” and one of former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam talking about families making decisions about whether to resuscitate newborn babies born with fetal abnormalities. The group said the president supports legalizing abortion without any restrictions throughout all nine months.

The ad goes on to explain, “80% of Americans oppose late-term abortions.” Those are terminations that take place at or after the 21st week of gestation, or in simpler terms, after five months. The new political ad will run in critical states like Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins issued a statement saying it’s important to educate “voters on the radical records” of candidates, saying no Democrat has a record more extreme than Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, accusing them of helping Planned Parenthood earn “record high profits.” She went on to say the president will not be happy until the government sends “Chemical Abortion Pills to the moon just in case they discover life on other planets.”

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