Pro-Trumpers Offer Warm Welcome to Warren

Well… we aren’t quite sure what to make of this news. In today’s version of the modern “Twilight Zone,” Elizabeth Warren visited several of Trump’s strongest supporting states, where she promptly received a warm welcome and applause.
Strange, right? So was this simple hospitality, or is there something more at play? Could Warren really be usurping the President’s supporters?
Let’s take a look.

Key Points

  • Warren spoke at a number of stops in the heart of West Virginia — one of President Trump’s firmest strongholds. And while you would have expected the Left-leaning curmudgeon to be booed off the stage, that didn’t happen during her stop at the Kermit Fire & Rescue Headquarters Station.
  • Instead, the audience received her without heckling, insulting, or hollering. That’s really no surprise, given that West Virginians are traditionally very polite… but usually, Warren’s insane suggestions are enough to prompt anyone to yell.
  • This time, the Left-leaning firebrand was right on the money. Kermit is the epicenter of WV’s opiate epidemic, and Warren dialed in on this by having a frank discussion with the audience about addiction and finding solutions.
  • While the Left’s solutions have mostly fallen into the “give addicts free drugs” category, Elizabeth actually seemed to understand what’s really driving our current crisis. She unleashed an avalanche of fury directed at predatory pharmaceutical companies and doctors who take advantage of kickbacks.
  • “…We got a second problem in this country,” she added, “and it’s greed. People didn’t get addicted all on their own, they got a lot of corporate help. They got a lot of help from corporations that made big money off getting people addicted and keeping them addicted.”
  • It’s an astute observation. Just last year, Kermit was just featured in an expose documentary that blasted drug companies who flooded West Virginia with painkillers after learning that overdoses and addiction rates were on the rise.
  • One local pharmacy received a total of 9 million hydrocodone tablets in under two years…but Kermit only has a population of 392 people. That’s 22,959 pills per person in the entire town — far more than even someone in an advanced addiction could use.
  • But what really won the hearts of Warren’s audience wasn’t her fury; it was her plan to fix the problem. She wants to focus on prosecuting drug companies and dealers. Instead of sending addicts to jail, she wants to get them the help they need by funneling $100 billion to fund new treatment options in cities hit hardest by the crisis. No matter how you feel about addicts, everyone can agree that the people who go to such lengths to create addicts and increase their own profits need to be held accountable.
  • One letter from an audience member explains why her idea was so robustly supported despite her being a hard Left candidate. “Help our town of Kermit, West Virginia any way you can,” it reads, “to help us be able to reduce the drug abuse.”

It isn’t about partisanship, or even about Warren’s overall policies — it’s about counties and cities suffering without the right support. While it isn’t likely to lose Trump any votes in 2020, we have to admit it’s brave of her to start the conversation.
In the words of Kermit’s fire chief, Wilburn “Tommy” Preece, “she done good.”