Progressives Call on Biden to Ignore the Constitution

Progressives Call on Biden to Ignore the Constitution

( -There’s an old saying that says if you can’t beat them, join them. Well, Democrats are throwing any semblance of decorum out the window. They seem to be saying that if they can’t defeat him (Sen. Joe Manchin), then violate the Constitution. It’s par for the course.

On Monday, December 20, House Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) demanded President Joe Biden sidestep the US Constitution and do what Congress couldn’t. She asked the president to use executive action and act unilaterally to implement some or much of the Build Back Better agenda that failed after Moderate Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) killed the bill on Sunday. Once again, when legislation isn’t possible, the Left wants to move to an authoritarian, dictatorial form of government. It’s the do as I want, not as I should crowd. Interestingly, didn’t Democrats spend four years deriding President Trump as an authoritarian?

Can Biden Act Unilaterally?

Jayapala told reporters Biden should immediately use every tool in the woodshed to enact Democratic policies. So much for the Democratic process outlined in the US Constitution. It seems somewhere in there it states that Congress writes the laws, the executive branch enforces them, and the Supreme Court ensures both play fairly in alignment with the Constitution. Granted, that’s oversimplifying, but the point is it’s Congress’ job to pass laws, not Joe Biden’s.

One would think Biden would know better by now. In the first six months of his presidency, he repeatedly violated the Constitution and got spanked by the Supreme Court. On day one, Biden signed an executive order halting deportations for 100 days without Congressional authority. The Supreme Court ordered the administration to cease the illegal action. Then, there’s this one… Biden repeatedly stated he didn’t have the power to act alone and extend the eviction moratorium. The president did it anyway, only to discover he was right the first time. The Supreme Court spanked him again for not going through Congress.

Now, we have a member of Congress encouraging the president to violate the Constitution, again. Imagine what the Democrats and media would be saying right now if the chair of the Freedom Caucus proposed this and Republicans were the majority in Washington, DC. They would be screaming there is a Constitutional crisis – and they would be right. But, never mind that when they are supposed to be in control and can’t enact their radical legislative agenda.

Jayapal said America shouldn’t wait for legislation and added Manchin couldn’t be trusted. Okay, good enough. Go ahead, ignore the rules. It isn’t going to last long.

What Are They Thinking?

This point is pretty easy and common knowledge, even for far-Left politicians, or so one would think. When they can’t win using the rules, they advocate making up new ones. It’s like the kid on the playground who continually loses and tries to change the rules as they go. This exhortation is a pure temper tantrum.

Over the last five years, the Supreme Court made it clear that separation of powers is the fundamental structure of the US government. It exists not to allow one person or group of people to write and execute the law. As such, the court has been rescinding executive orders and demanding Congress pass laws the way the system is supposed to work. If lawmakers can’t get enough support for a piece of legislation, then that’s that – end of the story. There’s no bypassing Congress using executive overreach to overcome legislative defeats.

If Jayapal wants to implement the Build Back Better agenda, she must flip Senator Joe Machin (D-WV). There is no other way. She’s advocating for more lawlessness, which only destabilizes the political process and erodes America’s trust in government institutions.

But hey, what does that matter as long as Democrats can enact their radical agenda one way or another.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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