Proof Age Doesn’t Seal Coronavirus Fate

Proof Age Doesn't Seal COVID Fate

( – The coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world and elderly people are at a higher risk than other age groups according to health officials. That doesn’t mean every person over age 65 who gets it will die, however, and a Chinese woman is just one of many examples of that.

Zhang Guangfen, age 103, is the oldest person to survive the deadly virus. Doctors at Liyuan Hospital, Tongji Medical College, in Wuhan, China diagnosed her with COVID-19. She is well after spending just six days receiving treatment. Her physician, Dr. Zeng Yulan said she’s alive because she was in good health before contracting the virus.

A 100-year-old Chinese man also survived the virus. This is in spite of his many underlying medical conditions including high blood pressure, heart failure and Alzheimer’s.

As of March 16, there are more than 182,000 confirmed cases of the virus worldwide. President Donald Trump and the CDC have asked Americans to avoid interacting with groups of more than 10 people for at least 15 days to help slow the spread of the virus.

We can all do our part to limit our exposure and protect our elderly family members. However, if they still contract it, just remember this 103-year-old woman’s story. Age doesn’t mean someone is definitely going to die.

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