Proof Legal Guns Aren't the Ones Used Most Often in Crimes

Bill Would Require MO Residents to Own an AR-15
Bill Would Require MO Residents to Own an AR-15

Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. A gun is an inanimate object; it can’t jump up and shoot someone out of the blue without human intervention. This is exactly why demonizing the Second Amendment and firearm is such a disingenuous hill to die on. Banning guns does absolutely nothing to stop violent criminals from accessing firearms to use against other people on the street.
If you’re like most of us here at United Voice, you’ve probably agreed with this for decades. Common sense tells most of us that criminals don’t obey the law, but the Left is still trying to tell us that banning guns will turn the US into an idyllic paradise. And no, they won’t look at Chicago as an example; we’ve tried that route.
Now, there’s hard evidence to help you fight back against the fight to take away your guns. We’ll tell you about a recent Department of Justice (DOJ) report that clearly defines exactly where criminals access guns and why increasing legal ownership restrictions is so risky. Settle in; this info will help you keep your family safe.

Key Facts

  • The information we’re reviewing comes from the, “Source and Use of Firearms Involved in Crimes,  Survey of Prison Inmates, 2016.” Even though the info is a few years old, it was released only recently, in January 2019.
  • The study surveyed nearly 1,421,700 state and federal prisoners. Of the individuals assessed or interviewed, an estimated 287,400 prisoners (around 13 percent of the total prison population) self-disclosed being armed with a weapon at the time of the crime or had case files confirming firearm involvement.
  • Around 1,094,200 of the prisoner cases reviewed showed that convicts were not armed with a firearm at the time of their crime. About 23,800 did not know or refused to answer the question, and thus, could not be included in statistics. Finally, around 16,300 people weren’t counted as they had pending convictions or they refused to continue the interview.
  • The survey also asked criminals to confirm why they were armed at the time of the crime. According to the study, a significant portion self-armed to boost their ability to commit the crime for which they were convicted.
  • But here’s the most critical point: almost none of the prisoners who said they were armed accessed their guns legally by following the rules. Just seven percent reported buying the gun (or guns) from a licensed dealer; the rest all used loopholes or nefarious means.
  • 7.5 percent of prisoners reported buying a gun at a gun store, while 1.6 percent purchased their gun(s) at a pawn shop second-hand. Another 0.4 percent went flea market shopping, and just 0.8 percent shopped at gun shows instead. There goes the “well what about the gun shows?!” argument the Left likes to throw around.
  • A whopping 25.3 percent of all prisoners received the gun used in their convicted crimes from a family member. This includes purchasing firearms legally, renting, and borrowing. A small but significant number received guns from family members as gifts.
  • As for the rest? Nearly 43.2 percent stole the gun, found it at the scene during the crime’s progression, or sought it out on the black market. By extrapolating the survey out to the general population, we can assume it means that nearly 90 percent of all guns used in crimes are accessed illegally.
  • Now, here’s why this is such a problem. Anti-gun activists are getting louder and louder about enacting stricter regulations for legal gun owners. But if nearly 90 percent of the entire criminal population is accessing guns illegally, how will tightening up legal access fix anything?
  • Similarly, the evidence also has weight against arguments seeking to restrict certain types of guns (like automatic rifles). The weapons being used in crimes aren’t registered or legally purchased; they’re being smuggled in by family members or the underground market.
  • All changing legal access does is ensure that good, upstanding citizens get cut off. Hyper-regulation leads to legal users losing their right to bear arms and defend themselves against criminals who have easy access to illegal guns.

Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing for stricter gun control legislation right now. In fact, it was one of their very first actions after taking the House. Too bad they aren’t addressing the issue of crime first – a much more important concern.