Proof North Korea Is Using Anthrax

Proof North Korea Is Using Anthrax
Proof North Korea Is Using Anthrax

Physicians caring for the North Korean defector who dashed across the border to freedom just last week found something terrifying in his blood: anthrax immunity. The discovery means the soldier was exposed to or inoculated against anthrax at some point, The revelation makes it obvious that Kim Jong-un’s claims of lacing warheads with anthrax has at least some basis in reality.

Key Facts

• Anthrax is especially concerning, despite being a treatable disease; undiscovered, it kills approximately 80 percent of people who come into contact with it in just 24 hours.
• If North Korea does find a way to successfully tip warheads with bacteria, it could potentially devastate places like South Korea, where vaccinations for anthrax remain currently unavailable.
• Even an attack on the United States, where vaccinations and antibiotics are widely available, would produce a significant number of fatalities. Individuals who did not die from the initial blast would become infected. Nuclear fallout, rubble, and damage would slow emergency response teams, leaving many untreated within the 24 hour time frame.
• Despite the discovery, Pyongyang denies any development or tinkering with biological weapons – at least according to news outlet KCNA. “As a state party to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), [North Korea] maintains its consistent stand to oppose development, manufacture, stockpiling and possession of biological weapons.”
• Just last week, Trump released a report stating that North Korea “starves its own people” and “has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.” Trump addeded within the report that the country was “…pursuing chemical and biological weapons which could also be delivered by missile.”
• The defector was also infected with Hepatitis B and a plethora of parasites indicative of drinking unsafe water and eating unclean food. He sustained life-threatening gunshot injuries during his defection, but is recovering in the custody of the South Korean military and government.

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Do you believe North Korea is getting ready to engage in chemical warfare? If so, how are you preparing your household for such a crisis?