Proof Republicans Adore Mike Pence [PLUS: Gabbard’s Return and Isakson’s Replacement]

Americans Love Pence

A recent poll by Hill-HarrisX found that the majority of Republicans want Vice President Mike Pence to be Trump’s running mate in 2020.

A whopping 69% of poll participants voted for Pence specifically. Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo received just 9% of the vote by comparison.

There were differences between female and male voter preferences. However, the gap was surprisingly small: 63% (women) to 73% (men).

Results come just as fake news outlets have been spreading rumors that Trump will select someone else to run alongside him in 2020. In fact, just last week, Haley had to tweet about the situation to show that the rumors are false.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Back From National Guard Duty

US Rep. and presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard is back from serving her 15 days of annual duty with the National Guard and coming in hot on the campaign trail. In case you missed it, Gabbard was forced to take a break from campaigning in order to don her uniform (it’s illegal to campaign with it on).

Gabbard has served in the National Guard for 16 years. Her service includes two separate tours in the Middle East.

During her first interview since the middle of August, the veteran shared her hopes for the future and her plans – including the fact that if she doesn’t win the nomination, she won’t run as an independent afterward.

Chances are Gabbard won’t get the nomination, at least as it stands right now. She has been excluded from the next Democratic debate.

Doug Collins Looking to Replace Johnny Isakson

Rep. Doug Collins from Georgia wants to replace Sen. Johnny Isakson once he resigns at the end of the year. Will this actually happen?

Isakson announced his plan to retire last week as a result of health problems stemming from his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

Collins has served as Georgia’s 9th congressional district representative since 2013. Prior to that, he was a state representative and served as a chaplain in the Air Force Reserve. The GOP member is a lifelong Republican who has shown great support for President Trump.

It is unclear if Collins has spoken to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp about being appointed to take over Isakson’s place, or if he’s looking at running a campaign for Senate.

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