Proposed GOP Bill Will Allow Adults to Sue Doctors for Child Transitions

Proposed GOP Bill Will Allow Adults to Sue Doctors for Child Transitions

New Law to TARGET Doctors – They Will Have to PAY!

( – Over the last two years, Americans have endured an onslaught of far-left ideologies from Democrats, and the consequences are significant. Defunding the police has made vulnerable citizens in big Democratic cities more susceptible to crime. Bad economic and environmental policies contributed to exploding gas and electric prices before Russia invaded Ukraine. In 2022, the transgender debate around children entered the scene, and the ripple effects are occurring throughout society.

In March, the White House released a transgender fact sheet to support Gender Affirming Care and Young People. The administration and the far left have gone out of their way to make transgender change for children appear compassionate and understanding. There’s a growing concern among some in the medical field that children and teenagers may experience regret for transitioning in the future as adults. Now, some in the GOP want to pass a law that makes it possible for them to have legal recourse.

Democrats Support Life-Changing Body Altering Procedures for Children

Under the guise of compassion, the Biden administration supports giving transgender children who can’t even get a permit to drive a vehicle the choice to permanently alter their bodies through drugs, hormones, and sex-reassignment surgeries. It even recommends puberty blockers and hormone therapies.

The administration supports these choices while America debates the political correctness of pronouns and misgendering people. All political correctness aside, the issue of transgender transition for minors is under intense debate and scrutiny by Congress members and the medical community.

GOP Pushing Law To Hold Doctors Accountable for Today’s Actions in the Future

On Wednesday, June 22, Republicans introduced the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act. Republicans say the legislation would allow people who endured sterilizing sex-transition procedures as minors to seek legal redress as adults.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) noted that in 10 years, untold tens of thousands of people or more who underwent sex-change surgeries as minors would remain permanently scarred by the Left’s radical agenda. He said if Democrats really supported one’s right to help confused kids, then they should have no problem supporting Republican efforts to offer them legal redress if adults harmed them.

The bill would allow patients and legal guardians to sue surgeons who performed the procedures on minors up to 30 years after they become adults. Additionally, the law would prohibit the government from forcing healthcare practitioners to offer gender-altering surgeries to minors or sending federal health funds to states that force healthcare facilities to perform the procedures.

Medical Community Expresses Concerns

On March 22, WebMD said many people who transitioned as minors expressed regret as adults and felt the medical community failed them. The medical website said a growing number of patients are experiencing deep regrets in adulthood. The Second Annual Genspect Conference, held on March 12, cautioned doctors and healthcare professionals to inform minor patients and their parents about the growing population of people undergoing “de-transition” to provide a fair and balanced picture.

Genspect advisor Stella O’Malley said those who want to transition back to their original gender are “undermined and dismissed” and are a growing minority within the trans minority community. Lisa Littman, a gender dysphoria physician and researcher, noted that many adolescents who struggle with symptoms of the disorder are potentially suffering from other undiagnosed issues compounding their identity issues.

Despite the GOP’s efforts to allow for legal recourse, the bill has no chance of surviving in a Democratic-led House and evenly divided Senate. Yet, it could begin a new political and societal discussion about transgender issues and minors.

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