Prosecutor in McCloskey Case Removed After Using It for Fundraising

Judge Removes Prosecutor From McCloskey Gun Case After She Used It To Fundraise

( – In June, Black Lives Matter agitators went down a private road in St. Louis, Missouri, to rant in front of the mayor’s house. There, they encountered a pair of homeowners who wouldn’t back down. Mark and Patricia McCloskey grabbed their guns, walked onto their lawn, and proceeded to protect their property. They were later arrested after an uproar by the Left, and now they’re headed to trial, but now there’s been a big update in their case.

On Thursday, December 10, Circuit Judge Thomas Clark II kicked Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner off of the McCloskeys’ case. The judge cited two fundraising emails that were sent out by Gardner’s re-election campaign that used her prosecution of the defendants to raise money.

According to the judge’s order, the emails linked the McCloskeys and their “conduct to her critics.”

Gardner’s spokeswoman, Allison Hawk, said the attorney was going to read the court order and “determine [their] options.” The McCloskeys have been trying to get the prosecutor removed from the case for months because she reportedly exploited their prosecution for political gain. Now a judge has agreed.

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