Prosecutors Want Barr to Resign

Prosecutors Want Barr to Resign

( – Over a thousand former Justice Department officials called on Bill Barr, the Attorney General, to resign on Sunday.

The letter, which was posted online, states the officials feel Barr has damaged the “Department of Justice’s reputation for integrity and rule of law.” The officials think he was influenced by one of President Trump’s latest tweets.

The letter is signed by former officials who previously served in Democratic and Republican administrations. This comes as a result of Barr’s decision to overrule the sentencing recommendation in Roger Stone’s trial last year. Stone was found guilty of impeding investigators in order to protect the president. Prosecutors had recommended up to 9 years in prison, which Barr felt was excessive.

As President of the United States, Trump stands up to injustices. We should be thankful other members of his administration are trying to do the same thing.

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