Prostate Scams: Avoid Them and Get in On Class Action Lawsuits

Prostate Scams: Avoid Them and Get in On Class Action Lawsuits
Prostate Scams: Avoid Them and Get in On Class Action Lawsuits

No scams are quite as dangerous as medical scams. They offer false promises that lead to hope. Worse than that, the people who fall for these scams not only lose money, but put their health in danger in the hopes of making it better or at least taking preventative measures. And no medical issue is targeted more than cancer. Why? Because it’s so terrifying that just the thought of avoiding it is enough to make people open their checkbooks.
Millions of people fall prey to scams like these every year. Thankfully, some scams end in successful lawsuits. Others are impossible to prosecute, like those that originate in places like Hong Kong.

Identify the Scam

You’ve probably received an email or seen an online ad with lots of information about how you can prevent or treat prostate issues, including cancer. The ad has a healthy looking, well dressed “doctor” and addresses all of your concerns right before it asks for your credit card number.
You can start identifying the scam by investigating the medical facility and/or doctor being represented. Remember, these con artists use names that sound average and American, like Dr. John Thompson or something similar. All it takes is a quick Google search to learn if this is a real doctor or reputable facility. Be sure to do more than just look at the name, too. Compare images from reputable sites and facilities. Most of these scams involve actors who never set foot in a medical school.

Identify Legitimate Medications

Now, just because there are some scammers out there, don’t assume that all prostate advertisements are scams. There are some medications and facilities that involve real treatments. You just need to sort the real from the fake. Taking “medication” that doesn’t have any actual medication in it can make your condition worse. Do the same research on any ad that tempts you. A legitimate facility will have a website and a physician who is certified to practice medicine.

Get In On Class Action Lawsuits

If you’ve already been duped by one of these malicious pretenders, you may be able to get in on existing class action lawsuits. For example, Super Beta Prostate is currently under investigation for a class action lawsuit concerning consumer fraud. The “medication” was purchased by about 2 million men who hoped to treat an enlarged prostate. The problem is, this product is alleged to have been designed by Roger Mason, a convicted felon who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute PCP and then endorsed by quarterback Joe Theismann. It was not only ineffective, but contained chemicals that can be dangerous to those with enlarged prostates.
If you have already purchased a medication said to treat prostate issues, try performing an internet search using terms like “Medication Name Fraud” or “Medication Name Class Action.”
Most importantly, before you start taking or even purchase a new medication, speak with your own doctor first to learn about potential side effects, effectiveness, and how it might impact your other medications.