Protester Admits That He Was Paid on Video

Protester Admits That He Was Paid on Video

( – On January 6, as Congress was working to certify the 2020 election, protesters overtook the Capitol building. The incident seemed fishy from the beginning. Now, videos are circulating on social media seeming to confirm suspicions.

Many of President Donald Trump’s supporters believe Antifa agitators dressed like supporters of the commander-in-chief in order to gaslight the public into believing Conservatives were attacking the Capitol. A video posted on Twitter seems to support that belief.

In the recording, a young, unnamed man is seen saying he just left the protest at the Capitol and has a “big bruise” on his leg. He said he had a “difficult time pulling off the act that [he] was paid to do.” The man went on to “confess” that he was paid to “pretend to protest.” He refused to say who gave him the money, but said it was an “organized effort.”

We were not able to independently verify his statements, but if true, that’s quite a bombshell and it makes a lot of sense. President Trump’s supporters have been holding rallies for months without violence, why would that suddenly end?

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