Protesting a Ban that Doesn’t Exist

Protesting a Ban that Doesn’t Exist
Protesting a Ban that Doesn’t Exist

It seems that the protesters have a new target to focus on, only… they created the target themselves with some “alternative facts” of their own.
In an attempt to find and implement better ways of vetting immigrants coming into the U.S., President Trump called a timeout on people who were immigrating from seven countries that are known supporters of radical Islamic terrorists. He also hit the pause button on the influx of Syrian refugees, whom we know have ISIS fighters being planted in their midsts.
Most Americans were happy to hear it. We would like to have our country back and focus on our own safety for a minute.
Apparently, the people on the left have something different in mind. The liberal/progressive crew spent most of the weekend clogging airports, engaged in protests over something they think happened.
This time, the protesters are enraged about “Muslim bans,” and racism, and America turning its back on immigrants. But, Trump’s executive order says NOTHING about Muslims or Islam. It simply says that foreigners from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen must wait 90 days before entering the U.S. so that the we can develop and implement more effective vetting procedures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of our country.
It’s true that these are Muslim-majority countries. But they also contain other religions such as Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindi, Bahá’ís, Mandeans, Yarsanis, Zoroastrians, and many more. The 90-day travel restrictions apply to them as well. So it would be an “alternate truth” to say this is just about Muslims. Besides, if this was just about Muslims, why didn’t Trump restrict the travel of countries who have the largest Muslim populations in the world, like Indonesia, Pakistan, and India?
U.S. intelligence has given us a pretty good idea which regions in the world contain populations of people who would like to murder as many Americans as possible. And they wouldn’t just LIKE to… they already have… they already are. And, every day they’re making plans somewhere across the globe to make sure it keeps happening. We don’t even have to know they’re Muslims. We didn’t attach their murderous behavior to Islam — they did. We don’t really care WHAT religion they are, just as long as they don’t kill us.
So, if we could just get back to the business of making America great again, that would be fantastic. Don’t forget, we’ve got a Supreme Court Justice to confirm, and plenty of other issues to address.