Protestors Wreak Havoc at State Capitol

Protestors Wreak Havoc at State Capitol

( – Since the Supreme Court rolled back federal abortion protections, a number of states have passed very strict restrictions on the procedure. Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) signed a 15-week abortion ban into law in 2022, but that wasn’t good enough for many of his pro-life supporters. When lawmakers in the Sunshine State recently debated a six-week ban, protestors descended on the state capital.

Hundreds of women and their supporters traveled to Tallahassee to protest the Heartbeat Protection Act. On April 13, the state held a House session where lawmakers voted on proposed amendments to the bill. During the session, a group of protesters made paper rain down on the legislators who were voting on the measures.

The protesters were in the House gallery, which sits on the fifth floor of the Capitol building and is just above the chamber. Lawmakers took a recess, and law enforcement cleared the gallery.

The day after the chaos in the House, lawmakers voted to pass the legislation which bans abortions after six weeks. It essentially makes it illegal to have an abortion in the state because CDC data shows the vast majority of terminations take place after that. Most women do not even know they are pregnant at six weeks gestation. It was a major win for pro-life activists.

Governor DeSantis went on to sign the ban during a closed-door ceremony.

DeSantis released a statement saying he was “proud to support life and family” in his state.

Protests at state and federal buildings are not new in America. In Tennessee, anti-gun activists disrupted legislature while demanding lawmakers pass stricter laws after a mass shooting at a primary school that killed three 9-year-olds and three teachers. In Michigan, in 2020, armed protesters occupied the statehouse to protest lockdowns. And. of course, there have been countless protests in Washington, DC, across every presidential administration. These protests rarely end with lawmakers suddenly changing their minds, but they persist.

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