Protests in DC Continue Escalating

Protests in DC Continue Escalating

( – Protests continue in several major US cities over the death of George Floyd. What began as peaceful gatherings have quickly turned into looting, violence, and all-out chaos in the span of just a few days. Now, they’ve made it to Washington, too.

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser imposed an 11 p.m. curfew in response to fires lit less than a mile from the White House doorstep. The United States Department of Treasury was also vandalized with graffiti reading “I can’t breathe” and various profanity targeted at local and national police.

Just across the street from the White House, police pushed back over 1,000 people as they attempted to break through barricades. Fifty secret service members were injured in the clash; 17 citizens were arrested.

President Trump tweeted about the National Guard’s arrival and the successful dispersion of the protest in Minneapolis, MN:

With events escalating in cities such as Philadelphia, Seattle, and the nation’s capital, chaos continues. Is it possible the president may call in the National Guard to other areas, too? Only time will tell… but the commander-in-chief obviously won’t take this lying down.

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