Protests the MSM Doesn’t Want You to See

Protests the MSM Doesn't Want You to See

( – Rapidly escalating protests have resulted in a flood of images and videos showcasing looted cities, burning buildings, and forced police action in recent days. From an outside perspective, it seems as if the chaos will never end. But is the mainstream media really showing you the whole picture?

In Nashville, Tennessee, Officer Garren Hoskins was controlling crowds at the Central Precinct when he saw a protester preaching about “shared faith”. Hoskins approached the protester and asked him if he would like to pray. The protester put his sign down and many around them joined in prayer.

The Metro Nashville PD tweeted a picture of the heartwarming event:

A similar event happened in Kansas City. Kansas City PD formed a flash mob to clear an area. Police did not provide an explanation until they suddenly began to dance to “Electric Boogie” in the middle of the street. Protestors in multiple cities have defined this tune as a kind of rebel anthem in recent days.

Protesting is an important and effective way to fight injustice. Still, it’s very important to avoid dehumanizing anyone in these movements. Protesters and police are people too. Not every protester is a looter — and not every officer is a tyrant.

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