Psaki Haunted by Past Tweet After Biden Call Revelation

Psaki Haunted by Past Tweet After Biden Call Revelation

( – President Joe Biden and his administration keep stepping in it deep as new revelations about the botched Afghanistan operation continue to expose intentional lies, mistruths, misinformation, and disinformation. It’s becoming clear the president isn’t fessing up and believed he wouldn’t get exposed for whatever reason.

Leading up to August, the administration was tight-lipped as officials avoided anonymous leaks. Now it appears the administration is turning on itself. Perhaps it’s just frustration, or maybe it’s disgust with the onset of lies leading to contradictions and embarrassing questions. Well, here we go. On Wednesday, September 1, the press pushed White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about a call between Biden and former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Psaki evaded the question but got herself into hot water after one of her old tweets surfaced.

Hypocrisy Reigns Supreme in the Biden White House – Part 1

Two issues join together to make one central point. The first issue concerns a leaked transcript obtained by Reuters from a recorded call between the US president and former Afghan president. During the conversation, two important things occurred. Biden asked Ghani to change the “perception” about the Taliban’s string of successes “whether it’s true or not.” Let’s break that down. The US Liar in Chief asked a leader of another country to lie to protect his public image. Wow! It would seem that about sums it up.

But wait, it gets worse. In August, Biden said it was unimaginable the Taliban would advance so quickly. Yet, the Afghans needed to “project a different picture? What picture is that? The reality on the ground was different than Biden’s public narrative.

This conversation demonstrates the president purposely misled America about the Afghan government’s stability and our justification for the withdrawal. The intelligence community says they warned Biden what would happen, but he ignored them. Additionally, all one needs to do is look at the evolution of the contradictory narratives over the last month.

But it’s still worse. Biden told Ghani when he changed his narrative, Biden would act to help him. Hmm… does that sound like a quid pro quo?

Hypocrisy Part 2 – Psaki, a Tweet, and Trump’s First Impeachment

The second part of this story involves White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. On Wednesday, the press challenged her hard about the leaked call. Instead of pursuing transparency as the administration promised, she doubled down and refused to acknowledge or discuss the leaked call. If you recall, Biden regularly accused Trump of lying and not being transparent and promised his administration would be 100% open.

In 2018, House Democrats impeached President Donald Trump. They accused him of making a quid pro quo deal in a call with the Ukrainian president. At the time, Jen Psaki tweeted:

The hypocrisy and double standard employed are amazing to observe. When it was a fake accusation against Trump, Psaki piled on and demanded transparency. What about now? Doesn’t America deserve an answer about this call, especially because Congress felt obliged to impeach a former president over less?

This situation exemplifies the problem with tweeting. If one isn’t consistent, there’s a public record to follow. It doesn’t require asking the government for the information. It’s all right there.

Part 3 – It All Comes Together

Psaki’s tweet undermines her credibility and trustworthiness, and it reminds America the administration reflects its boss. The tweet will haunt Democrats now that the leak has exposed Biden with his own words.

Where are the Democrats? Where’s the outrage? They are hypocrites, as well, while they silently ignore Biden’s miscues and work to pass his reckless left-wing agenda.

It probably won’t be the last thing America hears about the administration’s inconsistencies, lies, and misinformation in the days and months ahead. Sadly, this is America’s leadership.

The country deserves better than this bunch.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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