Public Shows Overwhelming Support at Veteran’s Empty Wake

Public Shows Overwhelming Support at Veteran's Empty Wake

( – Love, kindness and respect for our military members still exist — as the people of Kansas have proven.

Sergeant David Lofton passed away recently in Junction City, Kansas. He served in the Army and was a veteran of the Vietnam War. The funeral home handling his burial wasn’t able to find any living family members.

When local veterans’ groups heard about Lofton, they took to social media, asking people to attend his funeral, and hundreds of people showed up.

VFW Post 1786 commander Daniel Watkins, who helped organize the funeral, said:

“To honor an outstanding human being like this today, soldier, veteran, comrade…and brother… It was truly an honor.”

The social media post even had an unexpected outcome, a third cousin of Sergeant Lofton saw the post and was able to attend the funeral as well.

Sergeant Lofton is laid to rest at the Kansas Veterans’ Cemetery in Manhattan, KS. May he rest in peace.

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