Pundit Goes Low After Submarine Tragedy, Makes Horrible Remark

MSBNC Guest Goes Low After Submarine Tragedy, Calls for SCOTUS Deaths

(UnitedVoice.com) – The internet and media are awash with commentary about the Titan submersible tragedy. Some of the comments surrounding it are extremely distasteful. A liberal political pundit recently made one of those terrible remarks and dragged a Supreme Court justice into it.

On June 21, The Nation’s justice correspondent, Elie Mystal, posted a tweet making fun of the Titan tragedy. At the time, the US Coast Guard, Navy, and Canadian authorities were frantically searching for the submersible, believing it only had a few more hours of breathable air on board. Mystal made a snide comment about the rich white people and suggested they take Associate Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on the trip with them next time.

The animosity toward the justice is based on a ProPublica report that recently detailed a trip Alito went on to Alaska with billionaire Paul Singer way back in 2008. The justice took the businessman’s private plane to a remote luxury cabin to go fishing. Had he chartered the private plane himself, it would have cost $100,000 one way. Alito never disclosed the vacation on his financial forms.

In the years after the trip, lawsuits involving Singer’s company went before the court multiple times. Alito never recused himself from any of those cases. That has led to more questions about ethics and how the court polices itself. The justice has said he never thought he had to report a vacation and dismissed the allegations of impropriety in a scathing op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal.

Mystal’s joke was horrible when he made it, as it implied he wanted Alito to be lost at sea. But the implications of it were even worse when the country learned on June 22 that the submersible imploded on its journey to the Titanic wreckage, killing the five people it was carrying.

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