Putin Accused of Staging Assassination Attempt

Putin Accused of Staging Assassination Attempt

(UnitedVoice.com) – The Russian war on Ukraine is barreling into its second year without any indication it’s going to end. President Vladimir Putin authorized the invasion of the neighboring country in February 2022 and has continued to pound the Ukrainians. Now the authoritarian leader is being accused of staging an assassination attempt.

Two Drones

On May 3, news broke around the world that Russia was accusing the Ukrainian government of trying to murder Putin. The Presidential Press Service issued a statement claiming two drones attempted to strike the president’s home at the Kremlin. The military allegedly stopped it from happening, using radar services to disable the unmanned weapons.

The drones crashed to the ground, sending debris flying, but apparently, nobody was injured in the alleged attack. Officials called the incident a “planned terrorist attack and an assassination attempt” just days before the May 9 Victory Day Parade that foreign guests would be attending. The Kremlin also released a video of the alleged attack, showing an explosion in the sky.

The statement ended with an ominous warning, “Russia reserves the right to take countermeasures wherever and whenever it deems appropriate.”

Staged Assassination Attempt?

Not everyone bought into Russia’s allegations. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) issued a report that said the Kremlin “likely staged” the drone attack in an effort to scare Russian citizens into thinking the war had reached their country and put them in danger. It was an attempt to “set conditions for a wider societal mobilization,” according to the think tank.

The ISW stated there were multiple indicators that pointed to the Russian government as the real source of the attack. First, the country has taken steps to shore up its defense systems, especially around the Kremlin, to make it harder for Ukraine to attack them. Therefore, experts believe it was “extremely unlikely” that two drones could have reached the heart of Russia by penetrating all of its defense systems.

Further, it would be embarrassing for the Russian government if Ukraine had managed to bypass all of its security, the report stated. For that reason, experts believe the Kremlin thinks the “intended political effects outweigh its embarrassment.”

The Kremlin has now begun canceling Victory Day celebrations and limiting others, in order to frame “the war in Ukraine as directly threatening Russian observance of revered historical events.”

This isn’t the first time Russia has been accused of false flag operations. Before the war began, the US warned of Putin doing exactly that in order to justify an invasion. That prediction turned out to be right.

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