Putin and Trump Meet While Coal Gets a Boost and Democrat’s Can’t Get Along

EPA Gives Coal Power Plants More Leeway

One more of Obama’s constrictive laws has bit the dust — coal dust that is!

The EPA did away with a law that forced coal-fired power plants to make efficiency upgrades. This law did little to protect the environment and was just a backhanded attempt to shut the coal industry down. Federal regulations have been the cause of the decline in US coal trade for years. EPA chief Andrew Wheeler said he expects the new law to rejuvenate the coal industry and allow more coal plants to open up.

Some Democratic states are already saying they plan to go to court to challenge the new ruling, once again putting pointless laws above the welfare of their people.

Putin and Trump Meet at G-20 Summit

Vladimir Putin announced on his annual call-in show that he plans on meeting with Donald Trump during next week’s G-20 summit.

Putin said that Russia is as ready to talk, as the US is, particularly about arms control. He didn’t stop there, though. Putin also talked about US/Russian relations, stating that Russia has become part of political infighting. The Russian president believes that if Trump tries to improve diplomacy, he will face resistance from the American government. Putin also made it clear that he will not compromise Russia’s core interests in order to get relief from US and European Union sanctions.

Do you think the meeting will go well? If it does, will the Left ever give Trump a chance to work with Russia without giving him a hard time?

Democrats Continue to Turn Against Biden

Another day, another Biden blunder.

During a fundraiser in New York this week, Biden was discussing the lack of civility in current politics. He said that a generation ago politicians knew how to get things done even when he had to work with segregationists. Upon hearing this, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and many other Democrats spoke out against Biden, saying his statement was hurtful and racist.

Biden responded and refused to apologize for his remarks, claiming he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. This might be true, but with all the remarks he has made lately that anger his party, we are wondering if he has any brain cells left in his head.

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