Putin Directs Launch of Missiles

Putin Directs Launch of Missiles
Putin Directs Launch of Missiles

A new report shows that Russian leader Vladimir Putin was directly responsible for issuing an order to test Satan 2 intercontinental ballistic missiles. The test was part of an overall training program the Russian military’s strategic nuclear forces held on Thursday. Air force, army, and navy forces were involved with the exercise, which officially took place on Thursday.
Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 planes each flew from Engels and Shakhovka, after which point they locked onto pre-chosen ground targets in Kamchatka, Komi and Kazakhstan. A third land-fired missile departed from Plesetsk State Test Cosmodrome at the same time, flying over 3,600 miles and eventually hitting the Kura test zone.
Every portion of the test was successful – a fact that is tremendously concerning given that Satan 2 can evade detection and has the power to wipe out smaller countries with a single strike.
What makes the Satan 2 so deadly is the fact that it contains not just one, but 12 individual warheads. Assuming the 3,600-mile flying zone is the accurate maximum, that gives Russia the ability to reach America, London, Cork, Madrid, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and even North Korea with ease.

Key Facts

  • The exercise involved air, ground, and ocean forces
  • Putin personally launched at least one test himself
  • The test included Satan 2, an incredibly powerful long-range nuclear warhead
  • If used in an act of war, Satan 2 could wipe out entire countries in a single strike
  • The UK, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Korea all sit within Satan 2’s range
  • Russian leaders, including the Kremlin himself, are calling the exercise successful

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