Putin Loses 17 Artillery Systems, 33 UAVs in a Day

Putin Loses 17 Artillery Systems, 33 UAVs in a Day

(UnitedVoice.com) – When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, many around the world expected it would be a rapid defeat and that President Vladimir Putin’s military would emerge victorious. Fast forward nearly 18 months later, and the war is still raging. Both sides have suffered heavy losses throughout the battle in terms of both troops and equipment. The West has consistently provided aid packages to Ukraine, while speculation points to North Korea and South Africa as Russia’s suppliers. Recent reports, however, indicate that Putin’s military suffered devastating losses in a single day.

Russia’s Significant Losses

According to Kyiv, the invading country suffered a whopper of a loss in 24 hours, including a reported 33 drones and 17 artillery systems. Running totals indicate this would add up to a loss of 3,726 drones and 4,402 artillery systems for Moscow. Drones have played a significant role in the war.

These numbers are difficult to verify as both sides have seemingly exaggerated the other’s losses throughout the war. Many publications, including Newsweek, have also been unable to verify specific figures.

Other significant losses include troops, of which both sides say there are tens of thousands of casualties. While Russia remains quiet for the most part on the number of deaths, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in 2022 that Moscow had lost only 5,937 troops. Ukraine, on the other hand, claims Russia has lost more than 200,000. The US National Security Council was more conservative at the time and put the number at 100,000, while a leaked US Intelligence Agency projected Russia suffered between 189,500 and 223,000 casualties. The West’s estimate of Ukraine’s losses sits at more than 100,000.

More Aid to Ukraine

Both countries are also going through a lot of ammunition and weapons systems. The US has sent more than $22 billion in aid to the war-torn country to help it fight off its neighbor, through 40 presidential drawdowns.

The most recent package approved for Ukraine involves cluster bombs, a controversial weapon that many believe has no business in the warzone due to the potential for civilian casualties, even decades past the battle’s end. President Joe Biden said he approved the weapons because of ammunition shortfalls. More than 100 countries have banned the weapons. However, according to the Biden Administration, sending the cluster bombs, which deploy many bomblets, would help prevent further drain on 155-millimeter shells. Biden has faced opposition on both sides of the aisle for this move.

The latest security package is valued at around $800 million and includes several defense systems and missiles.

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