Putin May Have Another War on His Hands

Putin May Have Another War on His Hands

A Second WAR? – Putin May Have Another Disaster On His Hands

(UnitedVoice.com) – Chechnya and Russia have been at odds for centuries. After the Soviet Union fell in 1991, many former Soviet states declared independence. Soon after, Chechnya followed. Russian President Boris Yeltsin rejected the smaller country’s break and declared a state of emergency. He ordered troops to capture the capital of Grozny. Still, Yeltsin failed after the Chechen army proved Russia wouldn’t be able to bully it. From 1991 to 1994, Chechnya fell into civil war. Soon after, Yeltsin enacted a brutal invasion.

The Chechens thwarted their much larger neighbor using guerilla warfare. Still, after the battle, the tiny nation descended back into chaos and ultimately came under Russia’s control. Now, it remains split. Its leader backs President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Yet, other fighters have joined Ukraine’s cause. Many Chechens have deep-seated resentments toward Putin and his country. It appears Russia could face a second front as thousands of Chechens may thwart the aggressor nation inside their country, opening a door of opportunity for Ukraine.

Are Chechens Preparing to Fight Russia Head-On Again?

Over 20,000 foreign fighters have joined Ukraine’s fight against Russia, including Chechens, who decline to acknowledge their numbers over security concerns. On July 15, PBS spoke to several Chechen fighters in Ukraine. They told the media outlet that the damage Russia inflicted on their country and their hatred for Putin motivated them.

In 1999, Putin, who was prime minister, referred to the Chechens as terrorists and declared his country would eliminate them. Now, two battalions of Chechen resistance fighters with experience fighting Kremlin-based troops fight alongside Ukrainians while planning a potential new campaign for their own renewed independence from Russia.

Chechen leaders say they’re now working with local populations inside their country to learn about Russian troop movements and how many soldiers the Kremlin has deployed in Chechnya. They’re also learning more about the larger nation’s military capabilities, what kind of weapons they have and how much armament they’ve stockpiled.

The question is, are Chechen fighters creating a second front to dilute Russia’s military capabilities as some seek their independence again?

Second Front Theory is Plausible

Russian expert Rebekah Koffler told Fox News that a second front in Chechnya could create a distraction for Putin. She said it’s plausible that Chechen rebels could take advantage of their adversary’s limited capabilities in the region as it focuses on Ukraine.

Additionally, Koffler said at a minimum, the talk of another Chechen rebellion could divert Putin and take his eyes off Ukraine, allowing Ukraine to launch a counter-offensive.

Whether or not Chechnya is working with Kyiv isn’t known. Either way, Koffler said the Chechens are very clever.

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