Putin Offers To Let Prisoners Fight in War Against Ukraine

Putin Offers To Let Prisoners Fight in War Against Ukraine

Putin Recruits HELP – Look Who’s Joining the Fight!

(UnitedVoice.com) – When Russia invaded Ukraine, many experts believed it would be a short war, including officials in Moscow. After all, they’d been putting their troops in strategic positions for months before the start of the conflict. It turns out, that wasn’t the case. Now, the invading force needs more soldiers, and they’re recruiting from an unusual place.

According to reports, the Russian military is recruiting prisoners to replace the troops who have died on the battlefield. In addition to the convicts, western officials believe Moscow is scouring rural areas rather than big cities where families are more likely to protest.

An expert told The Independent that the country is learning to adapt despite heavy losses on the battlefield and reportedly fighting in smaller formations.

The war has been going on for more than five months, and in that time, some estimates suggest President Vladimir Putin has lost as many as 75,000 soldiers to either death or injury. Still, the exact number is unknown because the Russian military hasn’t updated its death toll since spring.

While it’s unclear how many service members have been injured or killed, the war won’t end until the Russian leader meets his goals or loses political support internally. In either case, he’ll continue to wreak havoc.

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