Python Deals Huge Blow to Cartel

Python Deals Huge Blow to Cartel

( – The war on drugs has been raging for decades. It knows no borders, has ruined more lives than could likely ever be counted and has given rise to some of the most violent criminals in modern history.

Wednesday, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Justice Department announced they had made a major advancement in the war. Project Python, an international joint operation led by the DEA, resulted in over 600 arrests and 350 indictments nationwide. The operation targeted Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), one of the largest and most violent drug cartels from Mexico.

Assistant Attorney General, Brian A. Benczkowski, said: “Project Python marks the most comprehensive action to date in the Department of Justice’s campaign to disrupt, dismantle, and ultimately destroy CJNG.”

Project Python is one facet of the efforts being made to fulfill Executive Order 13773, signed by President Trump on February 9, 2017. The Justice Department labeled CJNG as one of the top targets for this order. Along with the arrests and indictments, massive quantities of illegal drugs and cash were also seized — a blow the cartel will have a hard time recovering from.

With COVID-19 forcing a national emergency, a victory of this magnitude is a welcome dose of good news for the country. It’ll also go down in history as a massive win for the Trump Administration.

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