Queen Called a War Criminal as Her Death Is Celebrated On-Air

Queen Called a War Criminal as Her Death Is Celebrated On-Air

Queen’s Death CHEERED – An On-Air Celebration

(UnitedVoice.com) – On September 8, the world received the news that Queen Elizabeth II passed away in Scotland. The 96-year-old was the longest-serving British monarch in history. While much of the world mourned, Iranians celebrated.

According to reports, Iranian publications have described the queen as a “war criminal” and compared her to Adolf Hitler and “some American presidents.” The country’s media apparatus claimed her death would pave the way for an anti-monarchist movement. On the nation’s Channel 1 network, tv host Pejman Karimi discussed her death, saying it was “good news for the world’s oppressed people,” an ironic statement for anyone in Iran to make. He added that her 70-year reign was “full of crime, abomination, and filth.”

Foad Izadi, with Tehran University, claimed Queen Elizabeth II was “one of the greatest criminals in the history of mankind.”

The reality is that most of the UK support the British monarchy. According to Statista, 62% support it overall. Additionally, although Queen Elizabeth II was the head of state, she didn’t possess political power. Her role was largely ceremonial. Experts have explained the monarch reigns but doesn’t rule. So, the idea that the queen caused people’s deaths is absurd — she couldn’t make laws to obtain that result.

What do you think about the attacks on the queen?

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