Reading, ‘Riting and Racism in Seattle Schools??

Reading, 'Riting and Racism In Seattle Schools??

Progressive Liberal indoctrination of our school children has infested as many of their classrooms as possible, right? English? Check. Social studies? Yep. Math? Haha, that’s a good one! Sorry, but if one bastion of liberal lunacy has its way, children will be brainwashed taught how math is oppressive and racist, among other heretofore unknown revelations. Sadly, this isn’t a joke.

2+2 = Who knows?

Everybody knows the answer is four … or, is it? Consider this tidbit from the school district’s K-12 Math Ethnic Studies Framework (20.08.2019):

“How important is it to be Right? What is Right? Says Who?”

The ungrammatical capitalization creates an uneasy feeling of subliminal messaging asking “Who is Right?” With the answer being “We the State are always Right.” However, the direct message is equally disturbing. Do we really want the engineers who design our bridges and buildings deciding that Newton may have meant something different when he worked out how gravity works?


Somehow or another, the lefties have decided that math shares some responsibility for white supremacy, both real and the current Liberal trigger phrase. Another nugget from the framework reads:

“SWBAT (Student Will Be Able To) identify how math has been and continues to be [emphasis added] used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color…”

Only a person who wants to ignore history can deny that slavery existed in the United States through the late 19th century. Equally ignorant would be those who would deny that varying degrees of discrimination exist still today. But, really people, math?? We have yet to meet an equation that could recognize the skin color of the person solving it.

The Rise of the Machine (Code)

Instead of humans ciphering numbers, they have ciphered at least some ethnic groups. The framework says:

“SWBAT re-humanize mathematics through experiential learning and answering ‘why?’”

In order to rehumanize — Merriam-Webster online does not hyphenate it — someone they, by definition, had to have been first dehumanized. Unless some irrational numbers managed to perform a diabolic plot against the human genome, how exactly did this happen?

The first thing these nutcases should have done was consult with the English department so they wouldn’t have butchered the grammar. The next thing they should do is find a psychiatrist who will do more than simply enable them. The LAST thing they should ever do is hold political office or hold positions of authority. Ever.

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