Real Women Score a Win

Real Women Score a Win

( – Progressive Liberals have shown they’re completely unafraid to twist any truth in an effort to advance their agenda of turning America into some odd fusion of Communism/Socialism/Fascism with them in charge. This includes, in some cases, allowing people to simply declare they “identify” as the opposite sex regardless of biology, and to be treated as such regardless of the inherent problems.

DNA Not Feelings

It shouldn’t need explaining, but biology has proven, in general, the male of the human species is stronger than the female. In terms of head-to-head physical competitions, this means people born with the pesky Y-chromosome have a significant advantage over those with only X-chromosomes. This was showcased in recent years when transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon dominated races and set multiple world records in the sport. Women actually born female couldn’t compete.

One State Gets It

The State of Idaho seems to grasp the basic unfairness of this idea and enacted a law prohibiting biological males from competing in women’s’ sports at public schools including at the collegiate level. The far-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) naturally took exception to this logic and almost immediately filed suit in the federal courts to put a stop to it (“it” meaning either the law or logic…or both).

Devestating Consquences

Beyond the world of sports, which really isn’t of earthshattering importance, a matter in the United Kingdom (UK) places the life-changing horrors that can come with this foolishness in stark relief. Current candidate for Mayor of London and former prison minister Rory Stewart revealed that inmates who self-identify as female are using their biologically male anatomy to rape female employees. A number of women are forced to live the rest of their lives suffering the traumatizing aftereffects simply to accommodate those who want to be recognized as female when they’re anything but.

The notion that a man can simply say “I am now a woman,” and vice-versa, is patently absurd. These incidents and others explicitly prove this notion. It’s also a good indicator that the agenda of the political left is deeply flawed.

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