Reconciliation Threatens America’s Future

Reconciliation Threatens America's Future

( – It wasn’t so long ago that President Joe Biden promised a new era of unity. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to see that his version of unity means what it always means with Democrats. As Conservatives in Congress give the Left what it wants, we’re all one big united family. When they can’t get what they want, they play by different rules. Of course, it’s not limited to Democrats, but it is more prevalent among the Left to aggressively push their agenda at all costs.

In 2009, Democrats passed Obamacare using reconciliation. It’s a budget tool that allows specific legislation to pass on a simple majority instead of a 60-vote threshold in the Senate. Since then, it set America on a new path of partisanship as both parties use the budget procedure to pass or undo previous legislation. The developing dangerous practice of bypassing the other party sets America up for upheaval as politicians abandon any semblance of bipartisanship.

Where Is Partisan Governing Leading America?

After Obamacare was signed into law, the GOP adopted the Democrats’ game. In 2015, Republican majorities in the House and Senate passed a reconciliation bill to repeal Obamacare. In 2017, Republicans used it to pass tax reform. Now, Democrats are using it to pass their wildly left agenda, including everything from social welfare programs and taxes to climate change.

The Democrats are challenged because the country is split almost down the middle. Nearly half of all voters cast a ballot for President Donald Trump in 2020. According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll in the wake of the election, 58% of Biden voters said their vote wasn’t for Biden; it was a vote against Trump. Additionally, House Democrats lost seats they were expected to win, Republicans held all of their seats, and voters gave House Speaker Nancy the smallest majority in nearly a century.

The question now is, did the public actually give Democrats a far-left mandate to enact their radical agenda?

It certainly doesn’t appear that way.

Dangers Lie Ahead If Democrats Don’t Reverse Course

The Left is signaling it will not accept anything less than a complete takeover of America. Once again, Democrats are saying they will use reconciliation to pass Biden’s infrastructure if Republicans don’t play ball with them. If the Left continues to use reconciliation to pass their agenda, it could cause significant upheaval in the economy and society.

The first problem is reconciliation could ruin the Senate as the dominant party in charge uses it to bypass the other to fulfill its agenda. In the process, millions of voters could be disenfranchised by single-party dominance instead of bipartisan measures. As long as the House and Senate majorities remain razor-thin, reckless attempts to transform America on a partisan basis could become highly problematic.

There is hope that Democrats are not on the same page between the Progressives and the Moderates within the party, derailing partisan initiatives. Democrats acknowledge that there may be various paths to achieving their goals. Yet, reconciliation involves all of them in one manner or another.

Second, reconciliation is becoming a political weapon that’s threatening checks and balances. It’s a budget tool, not a legislative one. Previously, politicians used it to undo and redo policy every two to four years. If it continues under extreme conditions, it could create massive instability in both the economy and society as politicians generate instability in the financial markets and people’s lives.

America deserves better than the partisan politics of the Left.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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