Recount Confirms Trump Won County Media Called For Biden

Trump Won In Recounts Where Biden Won On Election Day

( – President Trump has been sounding the alarm about the vote counts in a handful of states for almost two months. One of those places was Antrim County, Michigan, where Joe Biden was in the lead on election night. Officials are now confirming the real winner of that race was actually Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, November 3, poll workers said Biden was ahead of Trump by thousands of votes. That seemed strange because it was expected to be a solidly red county. Two days later, officials changed the vote count, and a tally showed the president ahead by 2,500 votes. Weeks later, on November 21, Trump was winning by almost 4,000 votes.

On December 14, a forensic audit of the county’s Dominion voting machines found the president did, indeed, win. The auditor’s report stated the system “intentionally generates” errors.

If this county had problems with its machines, how many others did too?

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