Released Border Crossing Illegals Test Positive For The Virus

Released Border Crossing Illegals Test Positive For The Virus

( – Last year, then-President Donald Trump limited immigration in America to protect us from COVID-19. Fortunately, he’d been strengthening the border for three years at that point, so there were a lot of policies already in place to help with that. The Trump administration had been making asylum seekers remain in Mexico and he’d ended the catch-and-release policy. When President Joe Biden took over, he ended those policies and now we’re seeing the consequences of his actions.

On March 2, NBC News reported illegal immigrants tested positive for COVID-19 after they were released from immigration custody. One woman found out just hours after she was freed when she tried to board a Greyhound bus in Brownsville, Texas. The company gave her a rapid test and told her that she’d contracted the virus.

According to the report, the woman’s positive test wasn’t an isolated incident, there were others just like her and some of them planned to continue their journey to other cities, despite their results.

Biden’s immigration policies are now putting the American people in danger. These are people who should not even be in the country. Not only are they here, but the administration is releasing them onto America’s streets while being positive for COVID. Democrats have claimed, with straight faces, that he’s protecting the country better than Trump was.

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