Religion Taking Pelosi to Court

Religion Taking Pelosi to Court

( – The barriers surrounding the Capitol complex after the January 6 incident are still there almost three months later. They prevent Americans from free access around the government buildings, and now, a minister is suing for that very reason.

On Tuesday, March 30, the Center for American Liberty filed a lawsuit on behalf of Rev. Patrick Mahoney against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Senate Sergeant at Arms, the US Capitol Police Board, and Vice President Kamala Harris. The suit alleges that the reverend can’t access the sidewalk near the Capitol to hold a prayer vigil on Good Friday because of the barriers. That is a violation of his First Amendment rights, according to the complaint.

Mahoney’s lawsuit states that the fencing has “created a no-speech zone” around the nation’s capital.

In March, the outer barriers were removed after Acting House Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett said there was no existing credible threat to warrant the fencing. However, the reverend takes issue with the fencing and razor wire closest to the Capitol building that has remained up despite the lack of any credible threats against lawmakers.

Pelosi, Harris and the other defendants have not commented on Mahoney’s lawsuit.

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