Remains of an Estimated 8,000 Found in Mass Graves in Poland

Remains of an Estimated 8,000 Found in Mass Graves in Poland

MASS GRAVES Found – 8,000 Victims Suspected

( – In 1939, western Poland fell to Germany after heavy bombing and shelling. In the ensuing years, the country experienced some of World War II’s most horrific mass murders. Recently, investigators uncovered more evidence of those killings.

On July 13, the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) announced a team of anthropologists and archaeologists led by the organization and Pomeranian Medical University uncovered 17 tons of human ashes. They believe the remains are the victims of the Soldau concentration camp and equal to about 8,000 people.

In a statement, Institute President Karol Nawrocki accused the Germans of trying to cover up their crimes in 1944 by digging up the bodies of victims and burning them. They reportedly ground up the unburned remains so “the crime would not see the light of day” and those responsible would not receive punishment.

Nawrocki said the “cover-up has failed” thanks to IPN’s hard work to ensure nobody ever forgot the victims and heroes of the war. Those who died at the camp included Polish citizens, Jews, and others who were starved, shot, or died in some other horrible manner.

There are memorials for the victims of the Nazis on the grounds of Soldau camp.

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