Rep. Tim Ryan Claims America Needs To “Kill” Extreme Republican Movement

Rep. Tim Ryan Claims America Needs To

Tim Ryan Wants This Movement ERADICATED – Wiped Out!

( – Democrats insist on continuing President Joe Biden’s demonizing rhetoric against “MAGA Republicans.” While most Americans find the discourse divisive, the Left won’t back off, spreading the message and doubling down in hopes the public will turn on an entire political party.

On September 13, Rep Tim Ryan (D-OH) reiterated the president’s sentiment during an interview on Morning Joe. According to the congressman, now is when Liberals should work to end the Republican movement they’ve labeled extreme.

The Democrat’s sentiment about the Make America Great Movement seems clear: they have no respect for anyone who supports former President Donald Trump. While the First Amendment guarantees Americans, including elected officials, the right to speak their minds, some lines arguably shouldn’t be crossed. Ryan’s exact words, saying that the United States should “confront and kill” the MAGA movement, are potentially dangerous if taken out of context.

In Biden fashion, Ryan attempted to distinguish between those he considers “Republican” and those he deems “extreme.” Unfortunately, like the president, he’s asking a huge swath of America to turn on their friends and neighbors over their political views at a time when Americans seem tired of division.

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