Report: Biden Narrows VP List — See Who’s on the Short List

Report: Biden Narrows VP List -- See Who's on the Short List

( – The Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee Joe Biden has reportedly narrowed his shortlist for potential running mates to face off against President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence to the final two.

It’ll probably come as a shock to absolutely no one who has not been living in complete isolation for the past year, that they’re both black females.

The first is Susan Rice who served in two roles under former President Barack Obama’s reign: national security advisor and ambassador to the United Nations. Her name continues to crop up in the alleged entrapment of retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

She tried to explain a meeting on the subject by top administration officials in a literally last-minute email to herself on the current president’s Inauguration Day.

The other is reported to be Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), who’s made a concerted effort to paint herself as a Progressive Liberal during her time in Congress.

However, critics on the Left point to her time as the district attorney for San Francisco and the Attorney General for the state of California fighting against police reform to refute that idea.

Regardless of whom Biden eventually chooses – even if it’s someone else completely – America can be sure it’s going to be the most Socialist/Communist platform any candidate is run on since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The pandering to that voting bloc has moved to a whole new strata during the pandemic and rioting.

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