Report on Russiagate Probe Weeks Away

Report on Russiagate Probe Weeks Away

( – In July, US Attorney General William Barr said the long-awaited investigation into the Russian collusion hoax might soon be coming to an end.

In May, Barr appointed US District Attorney John Durham to criminally investigate any wrongdoing by government officials who surveilled and investigated the Trump campaign for colluding with Russia. He has repeatedly said the Trump campaign was spied on illegally. It was revealed on Friday morning, August 7, that Durham is set to interview former CIA Director John Brennan soon.

As an analyst for NBC News, Brennan has been a vocal adversary of President Trump. In December, the New York Times reported Durham was analyzing Brennan’s emails, phone records, personal notes, and other classified documents. The former CIA director has confirmed in the past he’s aware of the DOJ’s probe into his activities as CIA Director. In 2018, the CIA blocked Brennan’s access to his materials, as Brennan worked on a book about his time as director.

Since May, we’ve learned the FBI attempted to frame former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, lied on FISA warrants, and ran a counterintelligence investigation against the president. The DOJ dropped the case against Flynn and is currently in a tussle to finalize the case with DC District Judge Emmet Sullivan at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

In a Congressional hearing in July, Barr told lawmakers he wouldn’t wait until after the election to release Durham’s findings if the report is completed.

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