Reports Show Trump Sacrificed for His Country

Reports Show Trump Sacrificed for His Country

( – When Donald Trump ran for office in 2016, he said he wasn’t doing it for the money and he proved it. The former president refused to take any pay while he was in office. He also gave up running his company for four years. And now it looks like he paid dearly for it financially.

According to an April 6 report by Forbes, Trump lost an estimated $1.1 billion while in office. The organization reported that if he’d sold out, he could have made $1.6 billion, but he chose not to do that. Instead, he risked it all, keeping his company but not getting involved in it and it cost him dearly.

The former president never complained, though.

Trump loves his country and that’s why he ran for president. He put his money where his mouth is every single day. He could have continued making billions but he had a higher calling. Perhaps that’s why he resonated with the American people so much and why tens of millions of people miss him so much.

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