Republican Governor Sends Warning to Texas Democrats

Republican Governor Sends Warning to Texas Democrats

( – In 2003, dozens of Democratic lawmakers left Texas to stop a GOP redistricting effort. Two years later, in 2005, Senate Democrats left the state once again to deny Republicans the quorum they needed to pass a map of the new congressional districts. Now, they’ve done it again — and the governor is not having it.

On Monday, July 12, over 60 Democrat state representatives fled to Washington, DC aboard two chartered flights out of Austin to deny the GOP the quorum necessary to pass an election security measure. The move came after Republicans advanced the bill over the weekend. Governor Greg Abbott (R) made it clear their decision to flee was unacceptable and said if they didn’t return he’d have them arrested when they eventually touch down in the state.

The governor said upon their return, he would have law enforcement take them into custody and drag them back to the state Capitol. They would then not be able to leave the building until they did their jobs. On Twitter, Abbott slammed the Left for leaving Texans hanging.

House Republicans voted on Tuesday to send the “sergeant at arms, or officers appointed by him,… for all absentees” who are refusing to do their jobs, arresting them if necessary. The officers will only be able to arrest Democrats who are in the state because they have no authority outside of Texas. Abbott has also made it clear that he won’t back down. He’ll continue calling for a special session every day until the bill passes.

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