Republicans Kill Reckless Election Reform Bill

Republicans Kill Reckless Election Reform Bill

( – It didn’t take long for Democrats to spring into action and work to pass their far-left agenda after taking control of Washington, DC, last January. On March 3, the razor-thin Democratic-led House passed the controversial “For the People Act” on a 220-210 party-line vote. Democrats proposed the hostile federal takeover of elections after GOP-led states began signing into law common-sense election reforms designed to stop cheating and increase voting opportunities.

Of course, the Democrats falsely alleged that Republican states were trying to suppress the vote. That’s even though it’s easier to vote in many Republican states than it is in the Democratic strongholds of New York and New Jersey. You don’t hear Democrats complaining about those states. The rhetoric was so intense that President Joe Biden lied numerous times about the Republican bills. He alleged the laws were racist by referring to them as Jim Crow laws. It didn’t work to stifle Republicans. On Tuesday, June 22, Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) forced a vote on the For the People Act. As expected, the bill didn’t get a single GOP vote, and the bill died.

Democrat’s Scheme to Keep Political Hopes Alive

The Senate is evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats and independents who caucus with them. The bill required a minimum of 60 votes to pass. Unable to get 10 Republicans to cross over and vote for the Leftist legislation, the bill went down in flames.

Prior to the vote, Schumer was already scheming to protect the Democrat’s image and present a united front. Behind the scenes, the majority leader was trying to get moderate Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) under control. For months, Manchin stated he didn’t support the bill as written, and he doesn’t support killing the filibuster. That left Schumer with limited options. On June 6, Manchin said he would vote against the bill and proposed a scaled-down version. However, the Left said it would not support his bipartisan attempt at any price. Regardless, Schumer agreed to let the bill come to a vote if Manchin would help Democrats.

Schumer got what he wanted, a partisan vote that he could use to wage war against Republicans for voting against the bill. In the end, it’s about political image and positioning. Democrats hope they can keep the issue a political one for votes during the midterm elections in 2022. His message runs contrary to reality. The majority leader is now claiming he will still find a way around the filibuster. The only way is to kill it, and that’s highly unlikely to happen.

On Monday, moderate Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) said she wouldn’t vote to end the filibuster. She stated that the consequences to America’s stability would be too great as the majority party every few years would undo the previous majority’s laws and replace them with its own. She argued the seesaw back and forth would harm both the economy and civility.

Republicans Prepare for a Fight

While the Left accuses the GOP of voter suppression and other outrageous claims, it’s a fight that Republicans are all too happy to entertain as they add it to the far-left agenda to transform America radically. Now that the reckless election reform bill designed to federalize elections and increase chances for election cheating is dead, the GOP can add it to their messaging.

Defunding the police, immigration, equity and anti-White reverse discrimination, Critical Race Theory, and economic struggles (including inflation) are all on the table. One or two of these things can be damaging. Combined, the Democrats could face severe backlash from voters in 2022.

In just six months, the struggle to take back the Congress will be underway as primary elections begin for the 2022 midterm elections.

It’s going to be an intense and interesting election cycle for the future of America.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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