Republicans Reveal Healthcare Reform Plan

Republicans Reveal Healthcare Reform

Obama’s legacy turned out to be a failure for the average uninsured person. Through Obamacare, insurance costs rose and many taxes and fees were passed onto the consumer. Not exactly a legacy one wants to leave behind — but we’re not surprised.

To remedy this less-than-stellar situation, Republicans have been hard at work developing a healthcare system that works for all Americans. Although the healthcare debate is a “field full of political landmines”, as described by Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson (R-LA), the GOP is pushing forward. It’s just released part one of a healthcare plan overhaul that truly benefits the American people.

A Better Alternative

Primarily, this new plan is intended to be an alternative to the “Medicare for All” policy Democrats are parading about. Many DNC candidates want to effectively remove choice in the marketplace between public and private insurance. Removing personal agency is one thing that that Republicans consistently stand up for.

This healthcare overhaul may be the key to Republican dominance of the government in 2020.

“I think that health care is going to create our majority. I think that we’re going to get the majority back in the House, we’re going to keep the Senate majority, we’re going to win the presidency because of healthcare.”

-Mike Johnson

How It Works

While it’s unclear if the new healthcare policy will repeal ObamaCare, it will vindicate many attempts by Republicans to overturn Obama’s prime piece of legislation. Essentially, it reallocates current spending on Affordable Care Act subsidies to establish high-risk pools. In conjunction with these pools, the GOP plan reverses Medicaid expansions and funding at the state level in exchange for a block grant.

The new plan will also allow states to decide the “essential health benefits” they want to cover. Individuals with pre-existing conditions will remain protected from discrimination. There’s little this bill doesn’t improve for individuals and states alike.

Pushback Is Inevitable

Of course, Democrats will push hard against any attempt to tamper with or overrule their beloved Obamacare. Johnson expects there to be a healthy amount of debate no matter what is proposed in the halls of Congress. However, he’s optimistic that Americans, and much of Congress, will be receptive to the new GOP healthcare policies.

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