Republicans Reveal Top 3 Investigative Committee Plans

Republicans Reveal Top 3 Investigative Committee Plans

( – Republicans went into November 2022 intending to take control of Congress. They promised their constituents they would hold President Joe Biden’s administration accountable if voters again put them into positions of power. The lawmakers had grown concerned about a number of actions they’d seen the executive branch carrying out less than two years into the Democrat’s White House term.

The American people responded by electing the GOP to hold the majority in the House of Representatives. While that isn’t as great as taking control of both chambers, it still gives Conservatives a lot of oversight power. Recently, lawmakers revealed their top three investigative committee plans moving forward.

Pandemic Committee

Republicans published a document laying out the rules for the new session in the lower chamber and what they intend to do for the next two years. Among their investigative priorities, a committee will investigate the administration’s response to the pandemic. The House will launch a probe into the origins of the virus, what agencies spent tax dollars on during that time, and other related issues.

Weaponization of the Federal Government

In addition to the committee investigating the pandemic and related issues, Newsweek reported Republicans intend to create a “select investigative sub-committee of the Committee on the Judiciary.”

Republicans have talked about some of those issues in the past. They have accused the Biden Administration of targeting Conservatives on social media. Lawmakers also want to look into the actions of the FBI concerning the Donald Trump investigations and earlier directives to track threats by parents against school board members across the country. Though it isn’t clear if those will definitely be on their agenda, they are issues that Republicans have discussed at length.

US-China Relations

Finally, according to the report, the GOP will also make a committee to probe the “Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party” a priority. The Republican proposal doesn’t give any information about what they intend to do on this committee.

Now that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has finally won the support to become the House Speaker, Republicans will be able to pass the rules for the new session. They will also likely expand on precisely what they intend to target with the China committee.

In addition to the issues mentioned above, observers also expect Conservatives will likely launch investigations into the president’s son, Hunter Biden, including his relationships with China, Russia, and Ukraine.

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