Restaurants Slammed for Adding Unexpected “Surcharge” Fee

Restaurants Slammed for Adding Unexpected “Surcharge” Fee

( – As states across the US begin to reopen their economies, many restaurants are being slammed for adding a most unfavorable item to their customer’s bills. Some patrons are being charged a “COVID” surcharge with their meals, in an attempt by some to make up for loss of revenue due to the pandemic.

People flooded social media platforms in anger with images of receipts showing a “COVID surcharge” in cities and states across America. These include Missouri, California, Michigan, and Phoenix, Arizona. 

Earlier this month, the meat industry announced an increasing number of factory employees tested positive for the coronavirus. This caused meat prices to rise and created a shortage in the supply chain to stores across the country. And now, some restaurants are hoping to offset the rising costs of meats by adding the surcharge.

So, in an effort to avoid any surprises, it’s a good idea to ask the restaurant staff if they’re charging a COVID 19 surcharge fee, before ordering any food. 

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