Restricting Trump, Ohio Shafts Planned Parenthood and China’s Tech Policies

Senate Tries to Restrict Trump’s Authority

The Senate will be voting on soon to amend a defense bill that will require President Trump to receive congressional support before ordering any military strikes.

While most Democrats support the amendment, Republicans and the Pentagon are speaking out in opposition. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel said this is just another example of the Democrats wanting to do the opposite of anything Trump does.

This bill isn’t just about Trump, though. If this amendment passes it would put huge restrictions on the president during a time when he needs to be able to act quickly in order to protect our country and our servicemen and women.

It is obvious from the bill that was passed for border security that the Democrats are either less interested in protecting our country than Republicans or that they simply don’t know how.

Ohio Uses Planned Parenthood Money to Fund Pro-Life Centers

Ohio has taken the brave step of defunding Planned Parenthood. Funds previously allocated towards the foundation will instead be put towards assisting pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

The $1.5 million that came from Planned Parenthood’s budget will be part of the $5 million being given to help over 200 crisis pregnancy centers across the state. These centers typically serve low-income women who are at the most risk of being advised of having an abortion. Expectant mothers who go to the crisis centers will receive free ultrasounds, baby items and parenting classes.

The US Wants China to Fix Their Tech Policies

President Trump will be meeting with Xi Jinping on Saturday during the G20 Summit — both leaders seem to know exactly what they want to discuss.

The Trump administration has said that Beijing has been stealing technology from the US and even forcing overseas companies to divulge trade secrets. These actions have given China an unjust advantage in the world market. Trump is putting an end to this charade.

China, on the other hand, is upset about the 25% tariff that Trump has imposed and his threat to add additional taxes. Will Trump be willing to roll back the tariffs? We will keep you updated.

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