Retired SCOTUS Wants to Repeal Second Amendment

Retired SCOTUS Wants to Repeal Second Amendment
Retired SCOTUS Wants to Repeal Second Amendment

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote an op-ed this week that highlighted his belief that the Second Amendment should be repealed. The ridiculous notion suggested that it was outdated, no longer relevant, and actively causing gun crime in 2018. Stevens believes the only way to change gun culture in America is by repealing the amendment and adding stronger regulations across the country.

Key Facts

• Published in the New York Times, the piece rambles on about a variety of questionable mindsets. Ultimately, Stevens calls for “legislation to minimize the risk of mass killings of schoolchildren and others in our society.” He does not, at any point, touch on how the illegal gun market might be impacted by the repeal.
• Stevens also calls the idea that a national, government-owned standing army may be used to somehow oppress its citizens a “relic” of the past. This was originally, and is now, one of the biggest defenses for the Second Amendment since its creation.
• The retired judge also questions the idea that certain weapons, including AR-15s and “sawed-off shotguns” aid anyone in the running of a “well regulated militia.” He suggests that America has already placed restrictions on the Second Amendment; thus, it only makes sense to repeal it completely.
• Many pro-gun supporters are calling Stevens’ ideas logically fallacious. They assume not only that Americans will agree to such a repeal, but also that it would have a meaningful impact on crimes like gun shootings. In reality, most research predicts such a repeal or a ban on guns would barely scratch the surface of an incredibly deep illegal gun trade market.
• Trump spoke out in response to Stevens’ suggestions on Twitter in traditional Trump style. “THE SECOND AMENDMENT WILL NEVER BE REPEALED! As much as Democrats would like to see this happen, and despite the words yesterday of former Supreme Court Justice Stevens, NO WAY. We need more Republicans in 2018 and must ALWAYS hold the Supreme Court!”