RFK Jr. Steps Up to Challenge Biden

RFK Jr. Steps Up to Challenge Biden

(UnitedVoice.com) – Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) launched his presidential bid in 1968. He’s known for promoting the modern idea of liberalism and was widely seen as the frontrunner in that race. However, the former attorney general’s life was cut short during the campaign when Sirhan Sirhan shot and killed him after he gave a speech in Los Angeles at the Ambassador Hotel.

Now, 55 years after RFK ran for president, his son, RFK Jr., has launched his bid for the seat his dad wanted so badly, and his uncle, POTUS John F. Kennedy, Jr., held until his assassination. And he is challenging the current president to do it.


On Wednesday, April 5, RFK Jr. filed the paperwork to run for president as a Democrat. He previously said in March that he would run if he received enough support to do so. In a tweet, he told his followers that his top priority would be to “end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power” that he believe has ruined the country. He told them that they could “restore America’s democracy” together.

The Kennedy heir must have received the support he needed because he is now running. On Friday, he posted another tweet imploring people to text a number to join his campaign. He said he plans to make a formal announcement on April 19 in Boston.

RFK Jr’s Platform

Kennedy is a well-respected environmental lawyer. Although he’s a Democrat, he doesn’t mind bucking the party when necessary. He has developed a reputation over the years for spreading medical misinformation and conspiracy theories, but he hasn’t let the ridicule stop him from speaking out about what he believes in, not unlike his father, Uncle JFK, and Uncle Ted Kennedy (the late senator).

According to his campaign website, he has spent his adult life fighting for the “liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.” He said that he has battled corruption and greed to fight for children around the country and everyone’s livelihoods, environment, and freedom. He also wants to “end the toxic polarization” that is dividing the country.

Kennedy’s announcement makes him the second Democratic candidate to announce. Marianne Williamson announced her bid back in February. The decision to run means he will be up against President Joe Biden in a Democratic primary if the current POTUS decides to run. Although Biden has said it’s his intention to run for re-election, he hasn’t formally announced it. Many Democrats have indicated they would rather have another candidate in 2024.

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