Richardson Claims MSM Using AI to Destroy Prepping Sites

Richardson Claims MSM Using AI to Destroy Prepping Sites

( – Survivalists, or “preppers” as they are sometimes referred, don’t mess around. There’s an entire industry that caters to their needs, ensuring they are ready for whatever life throws at them. Like any other field, there are experts who are trusted to give good advice and instructions based on their own experiences.

Robert Richardson is one of those experts. His Off Grid Survival website is dedicated to helping people prepare for threats. Recently, he warned about a danger to survivalists that is permeating online spaces.

What Is a Prepper?

Preppers are the people who are prepared for anything. During the national health emergency, survivalists surged in popularity because they’d been preparing for such an event for years, maybe even decades.

A survivalist is someone who is able to live off the grid and prepares for emergencies like natural disasters, health emergencies, zombies (kidding — kind of), and other crises. They stockpile nonperishable food, water, and fuel. They have personal protection and tools. While they were often mocked in the past, the survivalist industry has seen a resurgence in recent years. It’s even portrayed on television in shows like “Building Off The Grid” and “Homestead Rescue.”

A Warning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic right now. Schools are worried about students using it to write papers. Employees are concerned that the technology could wipe out their jobs. And Richardson has expressed concern that the mainstream media is using it to destroy survival sites.

In a July 15 blog post, Richardson explained that he is concerned about a “trend unfolding over the past decade.” That concern is the alleged “systemic suppression of alternative media.” He told his readers that it’s now an issue that he believes has infiltrated the survival community and has resulted in an explosion of AI-generated content that has been “carefully curated propaganda on platforms” that is being assimilated by the mainstream media.

Richardson said that a mainstream media giant tried to offer him “big money” to buy his site out. He said the company wanted to pretend it was still an independent outlet. He said he told them to “[expletive] off,” but in “more colorful language.”

At the same time, the survivalist said he was talking to television networks about creating a show, but they told him he would have to make a fake persona. For instance, they wanted him to pretend that he lived in a cabin in the woods but said that none of the footage would actually be shot there. Again, he said he had colorful language for them.

Richardson said that his content was throttled as a result of his stances. He went from 20,000 readers on his site at a time to “barely a trickle.” He accused social media sites of shadow-banning him and not letting his audience view his content.

As for Google, he claims that his revenue was attacked, and he no longer ranks in the search engine. And worst of all, he claims the media companies have tried to steal his name. The survivalist told his followers he believes the government and media are now controlling everything. Meanwhile, billionaires are spending money on doomsday prepping.

Richardson then provided graphics showing his readers which big companies own what websites; that way, they can be more informed and hopefully won’t fall victim to the alleged brainwashing.

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