Riots Cause Alarming Problems — for Biden

Riots Cause Alarming Problems -- for Biden

( – Over the last three months, riots have gripped the streets of cities led by Democratic mayors and city councils. At the national level, Dems suggested the protests were mostly peaceful as images of fires and looting plagued TV screens. Calls to defund the police echoed throughout the country and sent a chill down many people’s backs in urban and suburban communities. They wondered: who would protect them in the event of a crime?

On August 17-20, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) was an opportunity for the Left to step-up and denounce the violence and riots plaguing America’s biggest cities. Instead, they turned a blind eye, including Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Blunders Hurt Biden

As soon as the DNC ended, the polls started telling the story, and Biden was forced to begin retreating on the issue. Liberal allies in the media started telling viewers Democrats were losing because they were ignoring the riots. Then, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence walloped them at the Republican National Convention (RNC). Biden essentially gift-wrapped the issue and seeded it to Trump.

Suddenly, Biden was forced out of the basement to deal with his massive blunder. He, and his fellow Democrats, completely missed the public sentiment on the issue. By ignoring the rioting, the nominee found his campaign failing and unable to come up with any sort of answers. Finally, Biden denounced the violence, though he also didn’t say how he would defuse them.

Biden then made another mistake by claiming he would not defund police forces, and that it was Trump who wanted to do it. That’s the type of verbal jujitsu that drives voters crazy.

First, while Biden has not used the word “defund,” he has said resources should be reallocated from the police to social services. That’s a “defunding” of police. Furthermore, at no time did Trump ever elude to defunding the police, in fact he said police would receive more federal funding if he were re-elected. In the wake of the riots, Trump has made his campaign about law and order and said citizens would be less safe in Biden’s America.

Polls Show Biden in Trouble

In recent weeks, Trump has significantly closed the gap with Biden in the battleground states. Biden is up only 2.7% in the RealClearPolitics average for Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. This is in the middle of a pandemic and economic collapse caused by the lockdowns.

What’s driving Biden’s support down and Trump’s ratings up?

Part of it may be tied to support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) as it appears many people believe the riots are synonymous with the movement. On June 3, BLM had a 25% net support among registered voters according to a recent poll by CIVIQS. By August 30, it dropped to 12% net support. In a separate poll by Gallup, 81% of black Americans want police to maintain or increase patrols in their communities.

Regarding the violent riots, instead of coming up with coherent solutions that Americans will embrace, Biden’s answer was to try and tag the problem as “Donald Trump’s America.” Not only is that not a solution, but it’s also happening in Democratic-led cities that have refused Trump’s help to end the violence. Some partisans are buying that argument, and Biden has already secured their votes. He just needs to persuade moderate Democrats and independents.

As the riots continue, moderate independents could move over to the Trump camp down the home stretch. Of course, two months is a lifetime in politics, and anything can happen.

Stay tuned!

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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